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  • IT-Trans | Visit our stand in the international Fa 27.10.13
    Performance & Risk Management in the Public Transport : 13 Innovations Helping Managers for Intellig ... more
  • Our products, their prices, your commission & redu 26.10.13
    Due to the varieties of products and their functionalities, GIS LTD created the following Online App ... more
  • We are hiring! join us 25.10.13
    Join our teams by GIS LTD and have the option of home-office based work with flexible conditions and ... more
  • New office Locations 24.10.13
    Our new secretary office is now in London with the following address : 483 Green Lanes, London N13 4 ... more
  • HTML5 to present GIS Business Reporter 22.05.13
    GIS Team released the GIS Business Reporter official Website : www.gis-business-reporting.com . All ... more
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  • Administrator 25.11.11
    Welcome to the Forum of GIS
    Any comments and discussions are welcomed in all languages ... Here
  • guest 25.12.13
    General- guest
  • Gastronomie 26.12.13
    Order System- Documentation
    Where can I find the documentation for the stock management? Thanks
  • Administrator 26.12.13
    Order System- Answer to Gastronomie
    Please find it under the following link : http://www.global-it-solution.com/downloads/warehouse_mana ... more
  • KkUaJtSqvEuXeo 16.06.14
  • ... more


  • GIS Business Reporter 25.01.13
    Reporting for decision makers Management, controlling and reporting with non-traditional ways ... more
  • Warehouse Management 23.11.12
    Remote Stock Management a new way for small business to manage their stock. They will be able ... more
  • Business Rules for Compliance 03.06.12
    Cloud Business Rules With this product, GIS is trying to take compliance processes to the nex ... more
  • Anonymous by GIS 01.07.11
    Concept of 'Work-Cloud' GIS invented a concept of anonymous work, hoping to achieve a certai ... more

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