Our Added Value & Skills

We have the OLAP Expertise to help you building from OLAP cubes expressing the nature of your business and implementing the specific structure of your Data. You will be able to offer quicker analysis, You will improve the decision making ... more
Security Controlled Access
Service Security Only for certified users With encrypted Data transmission SSL and https access documenting access on several levels Access Security Customized password restrictions Passwords history management Controlled Data access Access restriction lists Access rights per user, function, group ... more
We help you to create a representative picture of your business performance using: Dashboards including Lines, Area, Columns, Pie, Stacked Columns, Bars, 3D Columns, 3D Bars, Radar, Gauge or a Mix. You monitor the major functions at a glance. Scorecards: ... more
We give you the flexibility to have your application accessible on many types of devices. In addition we offer you the option to setup: Your Server functions: In your company’s network, hosted by a third party, in the Cloud or distributed ... more
We help you to setup intelligent formulas to aggregate your raw Data and create your key performance and risk indicators. You have to define on a high level: The calculation methods of your KPIs/KRIs The needed frequency of measurement Categories of ... more
Geo Maps
Watch your Business from a different new point of view. We build your performance indicators on real maps. We support all types of maps on Google like satellite, terrain, roadmap, hybrid or even street view. We enrich these maps with ... more
Real-Time Tracking
Keep yourself informed with the Real-Time tracking of your Data, numbers and analytics. You can track your business live on charts, graphics, grids or any type of our geographical maps. At the same time we aggregate your raw data and ... more